Dechmont Law 10K Trail Race and 2.5K Fun Run Sunday 12th June 2011

Calling all Club Members.  In case you don’t know, this year is the event’s 10th anniversary so it would be great to make it extra special.  If you don’t have anything on that day, why not sign up and enter?  If you could enter in advance, that would save the results team so much time on race morning and also means I have an idea of how many race mementos to buy!  If you are free that day, but don’t plan on running, you could support the Club by volunteering to do one of the jobs below and perhaps bring a friend to help too.  I’ve shown the time you’d be expected to be on the job:

  • 08:00  Folks to set out the course (loads), but note Martin will have half the course set up already, 7am would be good
  • 08:00  Folks to set up Tent and transfer goodies from car park to Tent
  • 08:45  Direction notices in school (1 person)
  • 08:45  Registration Team (3 or 4 folks, could be 10K runners who don’t need a warm up!)
  • 08:45  3rd person to help the Results team
  • 10:00  Marshalls (15-20 folks) – fun run starts at 10.30/10K starts at 11.00
  • 10:00  Funnel marshall
  • 10:00  Timekeepers and Recorders (2 each, past experience would be great)
  • 10:00  Give out goody bags/refreshments at finish (2/3)
  • 10:30  Photographer
  • 11:15  Give out drinks to 10K runners at bench at end of lap 1 (2 fun runners?)
  • 12:15  Clear away the course (loads)
  • 12:30  Present prizes in school

First and foremost I’m looking for folks to RUN, and next on my list is VOLUNTEERS ON THE DAY… so If anyone can help, please drop me a note at or call 01506 418866.
Race entry forms available from the Trail Race page on the Club website

or enter online at

Thanks folks!