Club Championships Update – June 2013

Full results – ‎

Sorry for the delay… here’s an update to the Senior Club Championship standings with a handful of races remaining…. see the Senior Club Championships link at the Events and Results tab above for designated races…

Current leaders:

M        John Malcolm
M40        Paul Young
M50        Finlay Slane
M60        Jon Barclay
M70        Ian Leggett

F        Chloe Cox
F40        Christine MacVarish
F50        Jill Horsburgh
F60        Val Finch

Top challengers:

M        Colin Partridge, Max McNeill
M40        Scott Nelson, Stephen Malcolm, Colin Wishart
M50        Brian Reid, Jim Alexander, Kenny Mearns
M60        Mike Lieberman, Alan Robertson

F        Edel Mooney, Sarah Inglis
F40        Shona Young, Saran Jones, Lynne Murray

It’s still pretty much all to play for depending on who does which races and who completes the necessary 5 designated races.  We’ve also started organising the prizes, so make sure you get your 5 races in as everyone will receive a completion prize 🙂