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Position Time                 Runner                                       Cat             Club 1              37.40                 Martin, Calum                             M 8              39.44                 Ross, Freya                                  F                 Edinburgh Athletic Club 39            45.42                 McCafferty, Gerard                    MV50        Lothian Running Club 46            47.39                 Ewing, Jack                                 MV50        Lothian Running Club 47            47.51                 Graham, Neil                               MV40        Lothian Running Club 49            47.59                 Mabon, David                             MV60        Lothian Running Club...

Parkruns [9th July]

Livingston parkrun please support you local park run: volunteers needed !! A total of 151 runners took part. View full results for Livingston parkrun event #27   Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time   1 1 Josh DACK West Lothian Triathlon 00:17:31 5 5 Alan KNOWLES Lothian RC 00:19:09 13...

Brig Bash 5 mile

29 & 3F Lana Turnbull [30.48]
60 Gerry McCafferty[33.02]
65 Ryan Ferguson[33.12]
95 Neil Graham[35.10]
110 Alan Robertson[36.25]
122 Colin Wishart[37.16]
128 Kenny Mearns[37.49]
163 & 44F Cara McCafferty[40.18]
211 Completed
Results for Brig Bash 2016 available here

Forth Valley League [Match 3]

100 Metres U-15 Girls [a]3 Erin McComiskey[14.6] [b] 4 Erin Steel[15.6] U-11 Girls [a] 3 Charlotte Hendry[19.9] U-13 Boys [a]2 Ross Gillespie[15.4] [b]4 Jack Hendry[16.6] 200 Metres U-13 Girls [a] 5Hannah Steel[31.7] U-11 Girls [a]3 Charlotte Hendry[43.6] U-13 Boys [a] 4 Ross Gillespie[31.9] [b] 3 Fraser Wright[32.4] U-11 Boys [a]1...

Games debut win for Hannah at Thornton

Hannah and Erin Steel had a successful day on their Highland Games debuts at Thornton on Saturday. Hannah won the Youth’s 800 metres Handicap  and finished in 4th place in the Youth’s 1600 metres Erin reached the final of both the Youth’s 90 metres and 200 metres finishing 5th and...

Parkruns [2nd July]

Edinburgh parkrun A total of 501 runners took part. View full results for Edinburgh parkrun event #348   Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time   1 1 Jonathan JACKSON Edinburgh3 Triathlon 00:17:33 2 1 Jennifer WETTON Central AC 00:17:37 180 136 D Ewart L SCOTT Lothian RC 00:25:13 240 174...

Glenrothes 10k

48 Alan Knowles[40.52]
67 Ryan Ferguson[45.09]
417 Completed
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Recent results

Self Transcendence 2 Miles at the Meadows,7 Malcolm Lang[10.16],29 Pol McDonald[12.00].68 Ran
Skull Mountain Trail Series at Falkland,30 Paul Young[39.17].
Eildon Three Hills Race at Melrose,124 Tosh Brannan[52.19].209 Finished.

7 Hills of Edinburgh Race

The Lothian club were well represented in the Seven Hills of Edinburgh Race, the race features a combination of road-running, cross-country, hill-running, and urban orienteering over a course 14.3 miles in length and with 2200 feet of ascent/descent. There is two categories ‘the Race’ and ‘the Challenge’ the latter is...

Sarah 9th in British 1500m championship final

Sarah Inglis finished in 9th place in the final of the Women’s 1500 metres at the British Championships and Olympic Trials meeting in Birmingham at the weekend. Running in the second of two heats on Saturday the Lothian runner knew she had to finish inside 4 minutes 18 seconds to...