Fiddlers Volunteers

The volunteer status for the next three months is shown below.    Please email to volunteer for a particular role or if you would like more information about what is required.

1st Aug 5th Sept 3rd Oct
Race Organiser  Colin P
Tail Runner
Setup Signs  –
Collect Clock  Colin P

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Roles Descriptions

Race Organiser

  • Responsible for making sure that everything is in place ahead of the event: e.g. that kit / startlists are being brought, marshals are available, and essential roles covered.
  • On the night ensuring that everyone, particularly new runners know whats going on, and assinging start times to new runners, assigning running buddies if neccessary.
  • Collecting training fees.
  • Typically wont run, but that depends on avalailablility of help.

Start / Finish

  • Man the Start / Finish.  Look after kit.  Make sure finish times are recorded.


  • 2 key marshal points are the mid/turn point of the short course ands the mini-roundabout on the winter course.

Tail Runner

  • Optoinal role if available

Setup Signs

  • We have 2 Caution Runner signs to be put out along the road section of the winter course.

Collect Clock

  • Collect Clock from Craigswood and bring to the start.