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The West Lothian Shale Trail is a 25k way marked route from West Calder to Winchburgh. This route has been developed by the Shale Trail project:

Following the inaugural Fun Run in 2020 we are again offering the opportunity to run some, all or more of the Shale Trail route on 12th December 2021..

The run is open to individuals or teams of 3 splitting the run at checkpoints at Livingston Civic Centre and Uphall Station Car park. Individuals can Run the 25km to Winchburgh or just 8km to Livingston. New for 2021 is the opportunity to run the double Winchburgh – WestCalder – Wincburgh a route of 50km or thereby.

Age limits: 50km 20yr and older , 25km 17yr and older, 8km ( and relay) 15yr and older.

Enter ( entries will close at 23:59:59 on Sunday 28th November) via the LRC TeamApp page here: Enter via TeamApp

To comply with Government and Scottish Athletics guidelines the event is pre entry only.  Before the Start and after the Finish current Physical Distancing guidelines apply. You are advised to keep 1m away from others. During the run Scottish Athletics guidelines apply to participants however as the run route is along public footpaths also open to the public it is vital that runners respect the personal space of members of the public. The event will follow these guidelines and any subsequent updates: SAL XC Covid Guidelines

Trail Etiquette:  Look out for other walkers, runners and cyclists. Allow plenty of room to pass. Do not run closely behind another runner. When passing runners or non-runners try to allow a 1m gap. If this is not possible on narrower paths  turn your face away. If you approach another runner move out to pass in good time or on a narrow path call out ‘track’ so a slower runner or walker can step aside. ( Like Triathlon – no drafting!)  After your run maintain social distancing as sweaty bodies can shed droplets! Also no High Fives and no Cuddling (sorry!). Results will be posted on line asap.

Compulsory Equipment: On December 12th it may be cold and wet and it is a short day. ( Sun Rise Sun Set  ) To help maintain safety runners must carry a waterproof jacket, space blanket or similar, mobile phone, food and drink.  Also please carry a face covering such as a ‘buff’ or face mask, to be worn if normal social distancing cannot be maintained. The route is mainly firm underfoot but wet in places on the old rail line between Almondvale and Uphall. Trail shoes are recommended.

Covid-19 Restrictions: 

You must stay at home if you:
– Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 within 14 days of the event.
– Have been overseas to a country on the quarantine list or exposed to someone with COVID-19 within 14 days of the event.
– Have COVID-19 symptoms (self-isolate for 10 days) or are feeling unwell.
– Have been told to self-isolate as part of the contact tracing measures in place.

Any runners that  entered in 2020 but could not travel can carry forward their entry to the 2021 event.

Travel: This run is point to point. Unfortunately we are not able to provide transport. Please see the Government Travel Advice   on Car Sharing. For Public Transport options please see Traveline Scotland.

Safety: Please do take care. It is mid winter and the route is wet in places. If you are injured and cannot continue you can call 

If you drop out of the race then please contact Race Control 07980 010924 and let us know so we don’t have to search for you. Please return your timing chip to the Finish and remember to pick up your drop bag. There will be a Sweeper on the course who can offer assistance if required.

Start: Runners are allocated an individual Wave Start Time. Waves will start every 2 minutes to avoid a large group run in West Calder and on the narrow paths. Before the Start maintain appropriate Social Distancing. We will take a small drop bag to the Finish. Put your own bag into the Van. For 8km runners there is a separate big bag which will go to CP1. The Start is Self Service. Collect your race number ( with pins)  from the railings.  Please put any medical information the event should know about on the rear of the number. ( please use sanitiser before and after touching the pens)
Start List PDF    Start Times on KitST

Three minutes before your start collect your timing chip and attach it to your shoe laces.  Remember to keep your distance from others whilst waiting to start. Start at your start time as shown on the Start Clock. The Start clock has some soothing countdown beeps before you Go! The first start is 9:00. 25km runners then Relay teams then 8km runners. The start list is here: Start List

The 50km will start from Winchburgh at 7:00am. It will be dark so you will need a head torch!!

Shoe Tag

Clip the Tag to your Shoe Laces


Route: The route is waymarked by the Shale Trail Project and supplemented by standard => arrows and marshals at key points en-route.  There are 4 road crossing on major roads. They may not be busy on a Sunday morning but do take care. Marshals will assist you but they cannot control the traffic. See the map below for the Checkpoints and Marshal points.

Signs: The whole route has been way marked by the Shale Trail project with signs as below. Note some signs are ‘sideways’ on.









We have supplemented these signs with Blue on White arrows.



Through Livingston, after the Civic Centre the route mainly follows National Cycle Route 75 as far as the Almondell Viaduct. There are some maintenance works planned on some paths, if these are not finished then the route will follow a diversion.

Checkpoints: There are two checkpoints at the Civic Centre Livingston and Uphall Station North Car Park. There is a chip timing point with a timing mat. This will record a split time and is also a safety check so we know you have arrived at the checkpoint. There will be water at the checkpoints. This is a NO Litter event so please put bottles into rubbish sacks and bins provided. Please don’t take bottles 500m down the trail and then drop them!

Finish: You will be timed as you finish. We will not display results but post them on line as soon as possible. Please take off your timing chip and return it. Don’t forget your drop bag. After you finish you are, once again, subject to the national guidelines on Social Distancing.

Relay: Each runner has their own timing chip. Chips and Numbers for Leg 2 and Leg 3 will be at Checkpoints 1 and 2 respectively. When you finish your leg please return the timing chip to the Checkpoint or Finish marshal.

Map: A Google map is below and there is a   route that highlights interesting historic information on and for runners a  downloadable GPX route is available here:  Shale Trail GPX  
( note the GPX route is subject to minor changes due to path maintenance.)

SAL Licensed Event

SAL Licensed Event