Updated: 2010-07-25
Lothian Running Club’s ladies team beat their male counterparts at the Round Arran Relay Race at the weekend.

Women; Marie Storrie[1:27.18]. Edel Mooney[1:22.23], Teresa McMenemy[1:29.05],Jill Horsburgh[0:58.20], Saran Jones[1:13.15], Mags Turnbull[1:12.27]. Total 7:42.49.

Men: Ted Finch[1:46.56], Jim Alexander[1;25.15], Kenton Jones [1:04.41], Neal Drummond[1:26.56], Jim Salvage[1:28.05], MC Freshour[0:50.09].
Total 8:02.02.

I am sure someone [Jill] who was there can add a more detailed report and i can include it in this weeks paper report.

Shane Fenton

Lothian Running Club