Festive Handicap and Cockleroy Chaser Results 2016

The Handicap Results are here:  http://kitst.co.uk/fhandicap2016.html

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Cockleroy Chaser 26/12/16 – Results


Name Time Age
Alice Wilson 4.15 14
Ross Lang 4.16 8
Rhianna Wilkinson 4.32 10
Jasper Fox 4.41 11
Mark Baillie 4.42 Senior
Daisy Stewart 4.59 10
Megan Lang 5.03 7
Daniel Boyle 5.45  
Ruby MacNab 6.04 7
Hanna Brindley 6.50 7
Tara MacNab 6.58 (One lap) 2



As dawn broke the temperature was  -2 ºC. The roads were slippery with snow which was starting to lie deep on Cockleroy. At the summit it was difficult to stand during gusts. So we decided to go for two short laps in the woods instead of venturing out on the hillside. The 11 brave souls who made it to the start were rewarded with shelter from the wind and a balmy +2º.   Many kept up a very fast pace all the way.
Many thanks to an army of helpers: The Inglis family: Mary, Sarah, Mhairi and Robert. Nicola and Erin, the International Smile judges, who also helped set up the course. Robin Morris – timekeeper.


Next Fun Run in the Series:

Event Date Location Start Notes
Congrie Conga Hill Fun Run 1.2k / 130m 18/3/17 Glenholm off A 701 2.30 In conjunction with Chapelgill Hill Race (Robin Morris) robin@rlmorris.co.uk


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