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This is a monthly handicaped race, around a circuit of just under four miles. The summer course is a lap on scenic riverside paths. The Winter Course is similar, but on lit footpaths and quiet roads. Both have an alternative Short Course which allows beginners and youngsters to run a short “two miles”.

The handicap is intended to give all runners an equal chance of winning. Slow joggers start before 7.30pm; fast runners up to 10 minutes after. Handicaps are calculated each month based on previous times, with weighting towards the most recent.  The latest Start Times list will be published below and made available at the start. Entrants who have not run before are given a guestimate handicap based on a recent race performance, or can choose to run with a friend.

It is, of course, possible to fiddle an unduly favorable handicap by deliberately running slowly on successive occasions, before making a bid to become chief fiddler. Or you could try training. There are no prizes, but the long and short course winner hold the Fiddlers Trophy for one month, and then presents it to the winner of the next race. It is possible to turn up changed at the start – there is plenty of parking space at the stadium, or St Margarets Academy

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