Fiddlers Course Details

Fiddlers Winter Long Course

Fiddlers Winter Long COurse

Change of Start as of Oct 2022: Now start from East End of Civic Centre near play park.  

The attached image shows the course for Short and Long Winter Fiddlers courses.   The long course then follows the footpath up the side of St Margaret’s and skirts the Hospital before heading back down the Alderstone Path, before turning left at the roundabout and heading to the start along the front of St Margarets. The full race then covers two full laps of the course.  Starting and finishing at thes same spot.

Winter Short Course

The Short Course follows a two loop course around the civic centre.  The whole civic centre park section (yellow arrows) should be completed twice.


Fiddlers Summer Course

Please note: The summer course start will now be from the Stadium Carpark alongside the path rather than as marked on the Map.


The summer course follows a scenic offroad riverside route. The Long Course covers two full laps, while the short course is 1 slightly smaller lap which crosses the river at an earlier bridge, before rejoining the long course route.

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