Junior Handicap

The monthly handicap race is not a formal club coached session and parents are advised that there will not necessarily be qualified coach present as there would be on normal club night. The race therefore relies on parents and other volunteers to act as marshals at various locations on the course, in order to provide adequate supervision of younger runners. Please contact info@lothianrunningclub.co.uk if you would like to know more about how you can help.

Younger runners are encouraged to run the Short Course, and will only be allowed to run the Longer course after consultation.  The Short Course follows part of the route of the Long course. The handicap nature of the Fiddlers means that there will always be a runners distributed along the course, and in particular the runners will tend to converge around the point where the Juniors will be running. With this in mind it is felt that the following measures are enough to provide adequate supervision for the juniors:

  • There will be a volunteer marshal present at at the Start/Finish at all times who will make sure all runners are counted out and back in.
  • There will be a volunteer marshal present at the midway/turning point of the short course.
  • Short course handicaps will be adjusted so that the race finishes before the long race, ensuring that the juniors are not the last runners on the course.
  • There will be plenty of adults out on the course at the same time.
  • All runners are encouraged to wear bright and reflective clothing, but for younger runners this is a requirement

For the Winter Course a second marshal at the first round about, or a tail runner will also be in place whenever possible, but this will depend on available helpers.

If there are any doubts on the day about being able to provide adequate supervision (for example – no volunteer marshals, or not enough senior runners on the course ) the junior race will not go ahead.