NATIONAL XC CHAMPIONSHIP 2011 [Callendar Park,Falkirk]

Updated: 2011-02-20
Saturday saw the lowest ever turnout of runners from the club at the National XC Championships.The highlight of the day was Sarah Inglis’ silver medal in Womens Under17/Under-20 Race.

A total of 15 runners contested the races. Somewhat disappointingly there was only one youth runner in action with Bethany Nelson contesting the Girls under-13 race.

There was no under-13 boys or anyone in either of the under-15 or under-17 categories.
At under-20 level Sarah Inglis was the only representative in the Womens race with Max McNeil the sole runner in the Mens.

At Senior Women level Chloe Cox was the first runner from the club home in 39th place, she was followed over the finish line by 65th Jocelyn Moar and 80th Lynne Murray, unfortunately there wasn’t enough females to count in the team event.

There was a healthier turnout in the Senior Mens Race with nine runners on show,first home was Ross Milne in 74th place, with the first six to finish counting towards the team competition it saw the Lothian club place 14th.

GIRLS UNDER-13[3200mts] 64 Bethany Nelson [17.17]. 91 Ran.

WOMENS UNDER-17/Under-20[4800mts] 2 Sarah Inglis [16.51] 83 Ran.

MENS UNDER-20[8000 Metres] 28 Max McNeil [30.02]. 58 Ran.

SENIOR WOMEN[8000 Metres] 39 Chloe Cox [33.09].
65 Jocelyn Moar [34.46].
80 Lynne Murray [35.58] 201 Ran

SENIOR MEN[12000Metres].
74 Ross Milne [44.49].
114 Ben Hartman [46.30].
147 Graeme Ackland[47.57].
155 Colin Partridge [48.23].
220 Scott Nelson [50.40].
244 Kenton Jones [51.26].
354 Alan McIntosh [56.38].
420 Ian Leggett [1.02.18].
428 Kenny Mearns [1.03.11].
Team 14th. 451 Ran

Lothian Running Club