The 2011 Scottish Highland Games season gets underway a week on Saturday and runs through until the the middle of September with Games taking place virtually every Saturday and Sunday as well as a few in midweek.
The Games are an ideal opportunity for youth athletes to get regular competition.
Lothian RC youth athletes  have supported the Games circuit well  over the past few years and hopefully this will continue in 2011.
The Games would be a  great opportunity for the youths in the Developement Squad to get involved, as i said before not only will you get regular competition you can also make a bit of money and you will be running in front of big crowds which makes for a good atmosphere, plus the camaraderie is really good among all the runners.
The age-group for races at the Games for the youth’s is 10-15 years, and no matter your age, size or ability all runners have an equal chance due to the handicapping system.
Youth events are usually staged over 90m,200m,400m,800m and 1600m.
Last season Lauren Arbuckle,Nicola Kellock,Bethany Nelson,Hannah Stewart and Iain & Alice Horsburgh all competed on the circuit and all picked up prize money, in the past Lana Turnbull, Rachael McIlwraith, Darren Thomson as well as Robert,Sarah & Mhairi Inglis all competed as youths on the circuit with great success.
For details about the Games circuit go to or get in touch with Mary Inglis who has the SHGA Yearbook with all the details.

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