The Simon Wake Comrie Hills Relay- Sunday 11th September

The Simon Wake Comrie Hills Relay is a 42k relay race with 2,110m of ascent, run in 4 stages for teams of 5 runners. The highly scenic course starts and finishes in Comrie village, and follows a route up and around the hills surrounding Glen Lednock.

Legs 2 and 3 cover rough mountain terrain, while Legs 1 and 4,although challenging, are closer to trail races and are fully marked.

Race Legs

  1. 11k, 527m ascent, 1 runner
  2. 7k, 400m, 2 runners
  3. 12.6k, 712m, 1 runner
  4. 11k, 370m, 1 runner

There will be a sign up sheet at Lothian training sessions to sign up or otherwise let Edel know asap. Edel’s email is Please indicate if you  have a preference for a particular race leg. I’ll do my best to accommodate but I may have to ask you to change to ensure we have safe and equally matched teams. We can put in an all male/female or mixed team depending on the numbers we get. Thanks. Edel

Lothian Running Club