Tinto Tiptoe 12/11/11 – Results

Name Time Club Age
Luke McKenzie 10.16 Lothian 12
Jessica Foss 10.24 6
Katie Foss 11.03 10
Katie Turner 13.09 7
Elliot Davies 14.06 Carnethy 6
Keilidh Heron 15.06 Carnethy 7
Holly Finlayson 18.16 11 months
Helena Lomas 19.16 6
Celia Lomas 22.01 4
Gareth Davies 23.50 3


Well done everyone for taking part with a smile.

The run of Jessica Foss was awesome, but if you took twice as long that is fine by me so long as you enjoyed it. By the way I was very slow in my younger days and failed my athlete’s badge three times as a cub scout, but I kept trying and improved every year for 20 years till I broke the British record.

Lothian Running Club