East District XC League[Stirling]

EAST DISTRICT XC LEAGUE [Match 1 – Stirling University]

BOYS U-11 [1550M]

26th J Hendry [6m 10s] 52 Completed

GIRLS U-13 [2400M]

32nd N Dredge [12m 55s] 57th E Steele [14m 29s] 65 Completed


15th Jo Williams [24m 16s]
38th Yvonne Crilley [26m 12s]
49th Lana Turnbull [26m 51s]
60th Saran Jones [28m 03s] 96th Mags Turnbull [37m 14s] TEAM: 8th of 14.
96 Completed


37th Colin Partridge [32m 44s]
41st Daniel McLaughlin [33m 11s]
51st Malcolm Lang [33m 43s]
104th S Kerr [36m 41s]
119th Alan Moffat [37m 32s]
156th Harry Mullholland [39m 36s]
204th Jim Alexander [43m 25s] 217th Kenny Mearns [44m 53s] 218th Kenton Jones [44m 53s] 228th John Barclay [51m 11s] TEAM:9th of 14
230 Completed

BOLD PRINT indicates team counter

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