Fourth Valley League – Match 1

The first match in this year’s Forth Valley League will be held in Grangemouth on the 18th of April.  Entries must be submitted by the 13th of April, so if you are interested in competing should contact Ian Steel ( or speak to your coach at training as soon as possible.

The event program for the first match is as follows. Atheletes can compete in 2 track and 1 field event, or 1 track and two field events.  There are limited places available so it may not be possible to get your first choice event in every FVL match.


All Age groups 200m

U15  1500m
U13-U11 800m

All age groups 4x100m relays


U13 Girls – High Jump
U11 Boys – Long Jump
U15 Girls – Shot Putt
U15 Boys – Javelin

U13 Boys – High Jump
U11 Girls – Long Jump
U15 Boys – Shot putt
U15 Girls – Javelin