7 Hills of Edinburgh Race/Challenge

L RC members contested both the Race and the Challenge at the 7 Hills of Edinburgh event.

The entry form states ….The seriously-fit should enter “The Race”. Those of more modest ability (above 1 hour 40 for a half-marathon, say) can enter “The Challenge” (starting half an hour in advance).


63rd & 4thF Christine MacVarish [2h 12m 56s]

111th Stephen Malcolm [2h 22m 28s]

132nd & 3rd MV60  Jim Petrie [2h 32m 18s]

155 Completed

Full results:http://www.seven-hills.org.uk/PDF/Race-15.pdf


31st Pol McDonald[2h 25m 44s]

125th Martin Leadbetter [2h 46m 27s]

174th Brian Reid[2h 58m 43s]

175th &37thF Leanne Webster[2h 58m 47s]

277 Completed

Full results:http://www.seven-hills.org.uk/PDF/Challenge-15.pdf

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