Fine performances at FVL final match.


Lothian Running Club junior members were in action at the third and final meeting of the 2015 Forth Valley League at Grangemouth Stadium.

The competition is for U-11,U-13 and U-15 athletes. Despite having a smaller team than some of the others there was some notable performances. The Lothian team finished in 4th place on the day and 5th overall in Division 3.

LRC Results


100M: U-15 [a] 3 Natalie Millar[14.6],[b] 3 Erin Steele[15.4]. U-13 [A] 1 Nicole Furness[14.1], [b] 1 Erin McComosky[14.9]. U-11 [a] 5 Molly Wishart [18.2].

800M: U-11 5 Molly Wishart [3:37.7]

1500M: U-13[a] 1 Nicole Dredge[5:38.0], [b] 1 Hannah Steele[5:41.6].

200M: U-13 [a] 2 Nicole Furness[28.9], [b] 3 Erin McComisky[31.9]. U-15 [a] 3 Natalie Millar[31.5],[b] 3 Erin Steel[34.1].

4 X 100M Relay: U-13, 2 Nicole Furness, Nicole Dredge, Erin McComisky,Hannah Steel.

SHOT PUTT: U-13 Girls[a] 1 Erin McComisky[6.24], [b] 2 Hannah Steel [4.88m].

LONG JUMP: U-15 [a] 4th Erin Steel [3.07m], [b] 3 Natalie Miller[2.81m].


100M: U-13 [a] 2 Jack Hendry[15.9], U-11 [a] 2 Jamie McKee[33.2], [b] 2 Aiden McGinty [16.4].

200M: U-13[a] 3 Jack Hendry[33.2], U-11[a] 2 James McKee[33.2].

SHOT PUTT: U-13 [a] 4 Jack Hendry[3.58m.

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