7 Hills of Edinburgh Race

The Lothian club were well represented in the Seven Hills of Edinburgh Race, the race features a combination of road-running, cross-country, hill-running, and urban orienteering over a course 14.3 miles in length and with 2200 feet of ascent/descent.
There is two categories ‘the Race’ and ‘the Challenge’ the latter is for slower runners and sets off 30 minutes before the Race. The blue vests were prominent in both categories and their results were, the Race, 47 Euan McInnes[2:09.11],73 Paul Young[2:17.00],90 Pol McDonald[2;21.45],102 Shona Young[2:25.36],124 Jim Petrie[2:32.24].165 Finished
The Challenge, 38 Ciaran Young[2:33.06],63 Martin Leadbetter[2:39.35],248 Kirsty McMeechan[3:22.57].290 Finished.
Lothian Running Club