National 4k Cross Country

The Lothian club were well represented in the National 4k short course cross country championship at Kirkcaldy High School.

In the Senior Women’s race Jo Williams finished in 12th position behind runaway winner Scottish and GB internationalist Laura Muir. Chloe Cox finished 35th wih Yvonne Crilley 78th.

There was a large contingent of blue vests in the Senior Mens race in which just over 400 runners started. Malcolm Lang, Robbie Kennedy and Colin Partridge were the leading LRC finishers.The race was won by Cameron Boyek,Central AC.

In the Under-17 boys race Louis McDonald and Ryan Kirkland finished 58th and 67th respectively of the 82 finishers.

LRC results.
Senior Women:12 Jo Williams 14.23,35 Chloe Cox 15.09,78 Yvonne Crilley 16.42. 195 Finished.

Senior Men:79 Malcolm Lang 13.30,127 Robbie Kennedy 14.01,144 Colin Parridge 14.13,182 Alan Knowles 14.44,219 Barry McComish 15.13,283 Brian Lees 16.00,345 Ryan Ferguson 17.24,352 Scott Nelson 17.32,353 Harry Mulholland 17.34,372 Stephen Malcolm 18.05,384 Martin Leadbetter 18.55,394 Stig Walsh 19.36,406 21.17.411 Finished.

Boys Under-17:58 Louis McDonald 10.35,67 Ryan Kirkland 10.53.82 Finished.


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