Christine completes Tour of Fife

Lothian Running Club’s Christine Mulholland took part in the 5 day Tour of Fife running event last week.

Day one saw the runners contest a 4.2k beach race along the West Sands at St Andrews. The Lothian runner finished 59th in 30 minutes 01 seconds. Day two was a hill race up the East Lomonds from Falkland, this time Christine came home in 38 minutes 58 seconds for 78th place.

Next stop was Kirkcaldy Promenade for a one mile time trail which Christine placed 74th finishing in 6 minutes 12 seconds,Day four took the runners to Glenrothes for a 5k road race along Boblingen Way with Christine finishing 67th in 21 minutes 20 seconds. The final day of the tour was a 10k Trail Race around the Falkland Estate in which Christine crossed the final finish line in 47 minutes 40 seconds to place 67th, her overall placing was 64th and 14th female in a total time 2 hours 24 minutes 12 seconds.

Harry Mulholland ran two of the stages he completed the 5k in 21m 20s and the 10k in 43m 59s.
Lothian Running Club