Early Visit From Santa

Santa Claus has contacted Martin Hyman to offer to use our training session in the Dechmont Law
Park on Sunday December 15 th , as an early training session for his reindeer.
He plans to bring a container of small wrapped gifts to a secret location in the woods, where well
behaved young folk will be allowed to have a lucky dip in the container, which he will hold too high for
them to see in.
He has offered to have parcels for any young Lothian runners and their friends, if they have been well
behaved, even if they do not normally come on a Sunday, but he has asked that youngsters and
friends who do not normally come, tell Martin in advance, so that he can be sure to bring enough
presents. When Santa meets Martin, he will give him a set of simple maps showing his gift site.
The plan is for us all to meet at Dechmont Law car park at 9.50. Then walk / jog into the woods and
do a bit of training. (Newcomers can join in if they wish.)
After about 10.30 we will meet together and hand out Santa’s maps. Youngsters can search singly or
in pairs. Very young and inexperienced map-readers can have an adult with them.
When runners and pairs are sorted and ready, they will be set off to find Santa at about one minute

Bring warm waterproof clothing.
The Sunday session is always free of charge.
Please let Martin Hyman know if you plan to come. (See contact details below.)

Martin Hyman email: martinhyman@clara.co.uk

Lothian Running Club