Training: Howden Park Hills

Howden Park Hills (on Grass)

This is a popular hill rep session on grass just inside the fence on the W side of Howden East Road (see map below). It gets steeper towards the top.

It is possible to run on the grass strip between fence road or on the road itself (“Caution Runners” sign required). Wear reflective clothing if running on the road in the dark.

Finish on the NE corner of a clump of trees opposite a lamp post (cone/flag).

Start at S2 by top side of entrance gate (cone/flag). 90m

Or S1 by lamp post nearest clump of trees (cone/flag). 135m

It is possible to start at the very bottom lamp post. 265m

Note that running uphill is about twice as hard as the same distance on the flat and even harder on soft grass.

Map for Howden Park Hill reps

Alternative Sessions:

Beginner (or sprinter): S2-F. Walk round clump. Walk/jog back to start. 6-8 times.

Intermediate: Sets of (S1-F + S2-F) Walk round clump then jog. 5-8 sets.

Tough: S1-F. Jog round clump and back to start at once. 10-16 times.

Or make one up to suit yourself. Alternatively ask the coach if undecided.

If you are a sprinter, you can go flat out and walk and rest until fully recovered. Otherwise do not go flat out but at a controlled fast pace. Remember, Head up, shoulders back and good arm drive!

Start the next one as soon as you are sufficiently recovered.

If you find yourself getting slower and slower, then you have started too fast. If so, pack up and go for a jog, or take a time-out.

Note: You don’t need to wait to be told to start. Start when you are ready.

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