Training: Howden Park Path Hills

 Howden Park Hills (On Tarmac)

This session uses the main footpath from Livingston Centre up to Ladywell after it has crossed Livingston South Road, heading between the Hospital and the Theatre (See Map  )

There are steps at the bottom of this section but they can be by-passed by a loop to the east.  The usual session starts from the second lamp-post after the steps and uses up to
12 lamp posts up from there. A disreputable vandal sometimes paints numbers 0 – 12 at the foot of each corresponding lamp-post.
The lamp-posts are roughly 25 m apart and 0-12 is 305m.

If you are mad or exceptionally fit, it is possible to go all the way from the very bottom by the road and round the steps by-pass path, to lamp post 13. This is 405ml
Note that running uphill is about twice as hard as the same distance flat.

Possible Sessions

  • Beginner (or sprinter) S-6 walk back, then S-5, S-4 etc. to finish on S-I
  • Tough Straight S-10 Fast jog back. 8-12 reps.
  • Tough pyramid S-I, jog back, S-2 and so on till S-b. Then 5-9 etc till -1
  • Intermediate S-8 Slow jog back. 8-12 reps.
  • Intermediate As for tough pyramid, but only up to 8. Slow jog recovery.

Or make one up to suit yourself.
Or ask the coach if undecided.

If you are a sprinter you go flat out and walk and rest till fully recovered.
Otherwise do not go flat out but at a controlled fast pace. Head up, shoulders back, good arm drive.
Start the next one as soon as you are sufficiently recovered.
If you find yourself getting slower and slower, then you have started too fast. So pack up and go for a jog, or take a time-out.

Note: You don’t need to wait to be told to start. Start when you are ready.


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