Thu Social Isolation Session

January 14, 2021 @ 6:45 pm – 7:00 pm
Craigswood Track

Club Training Sessions may be put on hold for the moment, but that’s no excuse to skip training.  We will continue to post virtual session on a Tuesday and Thursday so that people have something some inspiration for their individual training. Maybe post some comments on Facebook or TeamApp on how it went to help with motivation for training and keep a social element although online.

Session for Thu 26th March

im is to start at 5km pace and get quicker as the reps get shorter, last part should be full speed!

Run and recovery are the same, so what ever the run recover the same. It’s active recovery at a steady pace.

2x90sec with 90sec recovery
4x60sec with 60sec recovery
4x30sec with 30sec recovery
4x15sec with 15sec recovery

Note there is no long recovery as you change between parts, so after the 2nd 90sec you only get 90sec rec before going straight into the 4x 60.

Don’t start to quick and the last 4×15 should put you at your limit! Have fun folks