New Website

We’ve developed a new site to make it easier to administer and to use.

From a users perspective you can now fully search all content within the site. Use the search file on the right and try it out. Type in someone’s name and you’ll be returned all posts containing that name. The search returns data from the post title and content, this is very powerful search facility.

You can also scroll to the bottom of the page and use the ‘older posts’ link to see more news.

The links under the search area show you what’s been posted recently, making it easier to keep up to date with recent activity, also listed are several categories. If you want to view a specific type of content, such as general news but with no results you can use the news link under the Categories heading to filter your search. New categories will appear over the next few weeks.

The site isn’t 100% complete yet, this is just a start. But we thought it best to put it live now and build on it rather than waiting many more weeks until it’s complete.

One area we need to add is the gallery, where we can bring the site to life with pictures. It’s much easier with this site to upload and manage pictures, hopefully this will help encourage us all to send photo’s in for publication.

Any questions direct them to Kenton, see the contact page for details.

The past 12 months worth of News has been added to the site, also many of the old images will be added over time.

Finally you are able to participate with the site and post your comments against any news that is posted.