Track is open

Last night I’m glad to say that the committee made a decision to start training back on the track at Craigswood from Friday the 3rd of June.

This decision was made following the feedback gained from a two surveys that were recently carried out. The latest survey was online and thank you to everyone that completed it. Our membership currently stands at around 150 members, 30 people completed the survey.

The results were split 50/50 with half of those that answered looking to train on a Tuesday / Thursday and the other half on a Wednesday / Friday.  Hence the committee needing to make a decision on this.

The majority of people want to train in a mixed group at the same time.

The most popular session types are as they are run today with one session being held in various locations and the other session on the track.

We feel it’s best to get back to the track ASAP and then at a point in the future review how things are going.

See you at Craigswood on the 3rd.

The session will start at 7:00pm, be there at least 5 minutes earlier to pay subs etc. Reminder that subs are currently £2 for Friday sessions.


Lothian Running Club