Our club has a number of assistant coaches who help to ensure that we offer regular safe and enjoyable training sessions. But we can always do with more. Above all we have a dire shortage of qualified coaches (Level 2 or above on the old scale) who have to be in charge of or supervise all sessions.   The whole UK Athletics coach qualification structure has recently changed drastically.  Coach qualification courses are more rigorous and extensive, so they make big demands on the time and commitment of those who want to qualify.  Also they are very expensive (between £150 to qualify as an assistant coach up to over £1,000 for the highest level).   However coaches are so vital to us that your Committee has decided that they will find the course fees for anyone who is prepared to give their time to learn to coach or to upgrade their qualification. If you are interested please contact Kenny Mearns (01506 400897,  or email kenmearns@aol.com) and he will give details of what courses are available, when and where.

On a personal note I would like to say that I cannot deny that it is sometimes hard to go on courses and to plan and conduct training sessions. But the satisfaction of seeing a bunch of happy kids progressing, or a jogger managing 5K without stopping for the first time, or of a talented youngster winning a Scottish vest, is indescribable.


Lothian Running Club