Friday’s Track Session at Craigswood, 22nd June, 2012

Friday’s track session is as follows – 10 minutes jogging warm up at a pace you’re comfortable with. It’s important to do some kind of warm up before a training session (or event). A warm up helps prepare your body for the activity ahead of you, and running is a dynamic form of warming up. You’re warming up the muscles you’re going to use during the session. 10 minutes jogging will be followed by 6 x’s 60 metres running (strides) progressively faster with each one. The reason for this to get your heart rate up, which in turn gets you physically prepared for the session. This can also help your mindset in your approach to your session. After the strides it’s time to put on spikes (if you have them) and sort out what you wish to wear when doing the session. Hopefully we can get the session started by 7.20pm. The actual session is 1 minute running fast (covering your own specific distance) followed by a generous 2 minute recovery. You can use your recovery to walk back to the start for your next rep (repetition run). There will be 2 or 3 starting points if there is a large number of athletes.  During your session your own personal aim is to try to cover the same distance each time you run 1 minute fast. This gives you insight into your own pace judgement and level of fitness. I am suggesting that we do a maximum of 15 reps (45 minutes). This amount is not compulsory. You can decide either before you arrive at training or during your warm up on the amount you want to do. Upon completion of your session I am suggesting you end it the way you started it by doing 6 x’s 60 metres strides, followed by 10 minutes jogging.  This is called your cool down, returning your body to its natural state after exertion. Again, all of the above is not compulsory. It is merely a session based on my own experience and education. This session will suit juniors, seniors, beginners and elite runners alike. So please, if you’re not sure about anything feel free to ask me on Friday. Or contact me beforehand.

email – home – 01501740667/ mobile – 07760230292