Carnethy 5

Three Lothian runners competed in this weekend’s Carnethy 5 hill race in the Pentand hills, in what were ideal running conditions – not too hot/cold, no wind and good visibility.

The race route covers five peaks in the Pentlands and attracts a large field – 530 completed this year for the 43rd running of the race.  It’s a fairly unique race, with a good atmosphere amongst runners, a bus ride to/from the start and a school dinner afterwards, which is included in your race entry.

The route starts with a sprint through boggy fields, then a steep march up Scald Law (the highest peak in the area).  Three “small” ups and downs along subsidiary peaks are followed by a long, fast descent to The Howe.  Four peaks down, one to go.

Pacing yourself is critical as the next stage has the long never-ending climb up a steep gully to the top of Carnethy hill – if you’re going well you can pass lots of runners here… if not it’s a painful slog to the top as you’re passed by handfuls of others!

The race finishes with a quad-breaking descent through steep heather, then some scree and a final half-mile sprint back through the boggy fields to take you to the finish and a good lie down.

From a personal perspective it was my sixth Carnethy race and my sixth PB!  Paul had a good run with an impressive time in his first event.  Tosh also ran well and must be getting close to his 21st Carnethy now.

Overall Results:

1st Finlay Wild (Lochaber) – 49m46s

19th Angela Mudge (Carnethy) – 56m03s (1st Lady)

Lothian Results:

141st John Malcolm – 1h05m51s

217th Paul Young – 1h10m41s

234th Tosh Brannan – 1h12m01s

530 completed

Photos Bob Marshall

Lothian Running Club