The Bleep Test – Wednesday 26th February

So, how fit are you? 

On 26th February, the Lothian Training session at Inveralmond will be the Bleep Test.

Arranged by Martin Hyman, this session is an ideal opportunity to gauge your fitness, whether you have just finished the Cross Country session, a tough winter training block or are new to the club or sport – all members welcome, and in fact encouraged, to come along.

The test involves a “track” 20m long with a line at each end. Each runner stands behind a line at one end and, on the start bleep, runs up their lane, to put a toe on, or over, the far line. Then turns to run back on the next bleep, and so on.

At first the bleeps are very slow (9 seconds to cover 20m. Fast walking pace). If you can just manage this, your fitness is “level 1”.

After a minute the bleeps become slightly faster for level 2. After another minute they get a little faster still for level 3.

You go on and on, without a rest. The bleeps get faster at each level till you can no longer keep up. You can’t transport oxygen fast enough. Your fitness level is the fastest one that you could manage. Most of you will get up to level 3, unless you are a super vet, or have a health problem. The super fit will get to level 12 or more.

So, how fit are you? Come along on 26th February at 7pm to Inveralmond to find out.