Congrie Conga Fun Hill Races

A number of the Lothian club’s junior members had their first experience of hill running at the weekend with their participation in the Congrie Conga Fun Hill Races at Glenholm nr Broughton.

Half Conga:Rosie Jones[10]Carnethy[5m 44s],Solly Jones[5]Carnethy[6.02],Bethan Kitchin[7]Lothian[6.15],Laura Kitchin[2]Lothian[13.13].

Full Conga:Jamie Hurrell[13],[7.36],James Burnett[Carnethy[9.47],Aiden McGinty[10]Lothian[10.35],Sam Kitchin[9]Lothian[10.36],Harvey Hurrell[8],10.43],Eve Hurrell[11],10.56],Ronnie Jones[8]Carnethy[12.49].

A lovely day for good runs and smiling faces on a tough course.

We would love to see you all at our next two Hill Fun Runs.

Both are on beautiful and less steep woodland courses.

Many thanks to Val and Mark for a great deal of help, including registration and clearing up and to Sharon and Aiden for lots of help.
Also to Lisa the muddy patch judge and daddy Jones the international smile judge.

Next in the Hill Fun Run Series: Ben Lomond Fun Run[At Ben Lomond Races[Sat May 9th] and Dounans Doodle[At Aberfoyle Junior selection & Open Races]Sunday 30th Aug].