PB’s aplenty at Lothian Trials

A number of Lothian Running Club junior members contested events at the recent Lothian Trials meeting at Meadowbank Stadium. There was many PB’s over 100 metres, 200 metres and long jump.

Club results.


[Women] Race 2: 5th Taylor Barr 14.66, 6th Louise Kerr 14.69.

[Girls U-15] Race 3: 6th Erin Steel 16.02 PB.

[Girls U-13] Race Race 2: 4th Nicole Furness 14.65 PB, Race 3: 4th Erin McComisky 15.66 PB.


[Women] Race 2: 5th Taylor Barr 30.90, 6th Louise Kerr 31.89].

[Girls U-15] Race 3: 5th Erin Steele 33.58 PB.

[Girls U-13] Race 1: 4th Nicole Furness 30.37]PB, Race 2:5th Erin McComisky 33.86.


[Girls U-13] Race 1: 9th Hannah Steel 2:56.91.


[Girls U-13]10th Erin McComisky 3.35m PB.

Full results

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