PB’s and fine performances at F.V.L. final match.


[Grangemouth – Aug 24th]

There was some fine performances from LRC juniors in the third and final match of the 2019 Forth Valley League.

Danny Fletcher had PB’s in both the 100m and 800m, dipping under 3 minutes for the first time in the latter.

There was a massive 29 second 1500 metres PB for Aaron Smyth, Aaron ran 5;15.8 his previous best was set in match 1 of the FVL last May at 5;44..8.
In the 300m there was a win for Murray Close and a 2nd place in the 1500m.

There was a 300 metres PB of 52.1s for Eilidh Howard.


Under-11 Girls

100m [a] 6th Gaby O’Donnell 17.2
[b] 5th Ciara Howard 17.7.
200m [a] 5th Amber Cunningham 40.3
[b] 5th Ciara Howard 39.1.
800m [a] 3rd Gaby O’Donnell 3:11.3
[b] 4th Amber Cunningham 3:16.9

Under-13 Girls

200m[a] 5th Aimee Cunningham 34.4

Under-15 Girls
300m[a] 4th Eilidh Howard 52.1 PB
1500m[A] 4th Eilidh Howard 5:57.0
Long Jump[a] 3rd Eilidh Howard 3.78m

 Under-11 Boys
100m [a] 6th Jay McGarry 17.3
[b] 4th Danny Fletcher 16.9 PB.
200m [a]4th Jay McGarry 38.2
800m[a] 3rd Danny Fletcher 2:59.4 PB

Under-13 Boys
200m [a]3rd Aaron Smyth 30.9
1500m[a] 2nd Aaron Smyth 5:15.8 PB

Under-15 Boys
300m [a] 1st Murray Close 41.9s
1500m[a 2nd Murray Close 4:46.2


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