Juniors – Oriam Trail Race (Heriot Watt, Riccarton) Sunday September 19

The race license, race referee and landowners permission are now all in place for this event on Sunday 19th September at the Oriam Sports centre in the ground of Heriot Watt University.

There will be no charge for participation as the club organisers want it to be as successful as possible – and be a bit of a celebration of the return of off-track events prior to the return of Cross Country in October.

There will be car parking, café and toilet facilities available, but no changing facilities.  There will be an area for gazebos within the walled garden.  The course is a mixture of trail paths, tarmac and grass.

Due to the numbers now allowed, this will be open to all other East District Clubs via social media.

I will be coordinating  names from our clubs for the races – there will only be club-entries ; I  only need to provide  name, gender and age group for each athlete. I need to  have the final list with me by Thursday 9th September.  Changes may be accommodated after this, but a final-ish list would be appreciated in order to publish start lists etc in good time.

Provisional Timetable

Race Register Race Distance
U11 Girls 10.00am 10.30am 1.9km
U11 Boys 10.20am 10.50am 1.9km
U13 Girls 10.40am 11.10am 2.7km
U13 Boys 11.05am 11.35am 2.7km
U15 Girls 11.30am 12.00pm 2.7km
U15 Boys 11.55am 12.25pm 2.7km
U17/20 Girls 12.20m 12.50pm 4.3km
U17/20  Boys 12.50pm 1.20pm 4.3km


Martin Leadbetter