Kirkton Park Session Trial – Feedback

As many of you are aware we recently decided to run an additional session on Tuesday nights at Kirkton Park in Bathgate.  This was for a trial 2 month period, and supplemented the club’s normal Wed and Fri sessions.   This was done in the belief that there was a demand for an alternative to the current Wed and Fri training nights; either offering something different or just an alternative time and venue more suitable for some members.  The large number of people that turned up to at least some of the sessions seemed to indicate that there was some indeed an appetite for some kind of additional sessions.  I personally met many club member that I’d never seen before on a Wed or Fri.  The trial period is now over and we’d like to hear your feedback to help us evaluate the trial and decide how to move forward.

There has already been a fair amount of positive feedback on the Facebook page and interest in continuing these sessions, but we’d also like to hear more from those of you who tried and didn’t like the sessions (though don’t stop the positive feedback either 🙂 ).  What didn’t you like? What changes, if any, would bring you back? For those of you who didn’t come and try, let us know why not. We are aware that the late start was an issue for quite a few people.

Post your thought here, or on the Facebook page.  Or if you’d rather not air your thoughts in public feel free to email me directly (, or have a chat with any committee member. There’s also no need to restrict your feedback to the trial sessions – let us know your thoughts on any of the club training nights.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing from you.

Colin Partridge