Fiddlers Results – July 2013

Well done to all who braved the midges to run the fiddlers course last night.  Good wins on the night for David Mabon (long course) and Bethany Nelson (short course).

I don’t think there was anyone else on the night who managed to beat their previous handicaps… either the handicaps are too tough or you lot aren’t training hard enough 🙂

Thanks as usual to those who helped out on the night.  Full results below…

Runner Start Time Finish Time Run Time Comment
Mabon, David 19:31:00 19:59:46 00:28:46 Winner + PB
McDonald, Pol 19:32:40 20:00:20 00:27:40 Fastest Time
Mabon, Carol 19:21:20 20:02:20 00:41:00
Berrill, David 19:32:40 20:02:20 00:29:40
Justice, Melanie 19:25:00 20:08:00 00:43:00 First Timer
Runner Start Time Finish Time Run Time Comment
Nelson, Bethany 19:31:00 19:44:23 00:13:23 Winner & Fastest Time