Training Friday, 9th May – 60th Anniversary of the 4 minute

6 May 1954 start   On 6th May 1954 Roger Bannister was the first person to run a mile in under 4 minutes. To mark the 60th Anniversary of that feat, Friday’s training session at the Craigswood track on 9th May will be a night of timed mile races. Whether you want to test yourself over that distance, use it for some speed work doing a few sets or to sharpen up before the Self Transcendence mile races over the summer, everyone is welcome. The session will be suitable for all ages and abilities as the races will be “graded” on the night, so everyone can race with those likely to do similar times. The races will start from 7.10pm to allow time for warming up. Juniors races will be in the second half of the night when they can try the whole distance or work as part of a team in a  relay. Prior to that we’ll have some activities on to keep them occupied and warmed-up. The provisional timetable we will aim to follow is: 6.50/7pm: arrival & warm-up 7.10pm – first race

7.10pm – sub 5 mins race

7.17pm – sub 6 mins race

7.25pm – sub 8 mins race

7.35pm – sub 10 mins race

7.45pm – over 10 mins and junior races

8.15pm finish For anyone interested, you can find footage of the 1954 race, courtesy of the BBC, here.