Updated: 2010-01-09
There was a scarcity of club athletes running under the club banner at Saturday’s Great & Junior Winter runs at Edinburgh on Saturday [9th Jan].

This was hardly surprising with athletes from club’s all over the country not too keen to line the pockets of organisers Nova Interripoff who were charging £20 for a 5k jog around Edinburgh, scandalous.

According to the results[they put out] only in the region of 50 athletes out of 1507 runners in the senior race and a dozen out of just over 200 in the junior event were actually attached to clubs.

According to their dubious recording of the results only four club athletes ran in the race, two females in the senior race and two in the youth’s.

Donna Grieve finished 437th with Gillian Jewel 867th while in the junior race Amy and Andrew Lickley were 32nd and 46th respectively.

Shane Fenton

Lothian Running Club