SURPRISE!! Cape Wrath Marathon

Updated: 2010-05-26
… and to update the report below… Many CONGRATULATIONS to Teresa McMenemy and Jim Salvage. Being regular visitors to Cape Wrath since 2004 they decided it was going to be their special place to announce their surprise engagement. Congratulations to you both!

Club members travelled to Durness, in the far north west of Scotland, to take part in the Cape Wrath Marathon. First home was Alan Robertson in 3hrs.44mins, followed by Jim Alexander in 4hrs.20mins, Mags Turnbull in 4hrs.38mins and Mark Kassyk in 5hrs.21mins. Teresa McMenemy and Allister Guy, had a combined time of 4hrs.00mins in the 2-person marathon relay and Jim Salvage gave his own marathon effort by marshalling on Capeside for 9 hours. Early conditions were ideal, cool with heavy mist followed later by sunshine and a light breeze.

Mags Turnbull

Lothian Running Club