2012 London Olympic Marathon – Test marathon event

As part of the testing procedures for the 2012 London Olympic Marathon we are organising a test Marathon event on Monday 30th May 2011 before the Bupa London 10,000.

The event will start at 6am and will cover the whole of the 2012 Olympic Marathon route. To be able to test the event effectively we need 50 runners who can cover the Marathon distance in 3 hours, therefore we are looking for runners who have achieved a Marathon time of between 2:30 and 2:45 in the last two years to help us test the technical aspects of the Marathon event. This will not be a race and runners will stay together as a group running at 3:00 pace.

We will provide the runners with accommodation on Sunday 29th May 2011. There will be an evening meal and breakfast and there will also be transport provided to get the athletes to the start. Athletes will need to arrange their own transport home once the event has finished.

Anyone who wishes to apply for a place in this event should contact Martin Mashford on 0207 902 0187 or at martinm@london-marathon.co.uk with proof of having run sub 2:45 for the marathon in the last two years.

Lothian Running Club