AGM Report – Your Club

Last night’s AGM was the best attended meeting since our inception in May 2000. My first duty as President of Lothian Running Club is to thank the outgoing committee members, in particular Mike, Mags & Jim. They have done a sterling job keeping the club ticking over recently. Sometimes it is easy to sit back and let others do the work. It’s equally as easy to volunteer and help. And that’s what occurred last night. We have a new committee full of fresh ideas for the future. Kenny Mearns (Treasurer) & Colin Banham (Membership Secretary) remain in posts they carry out with good will, humour & proficiency. Saran Jones has taken the role as Coaching Co-Ordinator. Vanessa Anderson is our new Club Secretary, with Shona Young coming in as Minutes Secretary. Sarah Inglis takes the role of Female Team Captain, while Colin Partridge & David Berrill share the Male Team Captain’s role. Kenton Jones & Ted Finch were proposed and welcomed as Committee Members. We are holding an informal get together soon where all club members are welcome. I thank the club members for this opportunity to serve as Club President, and look forward to working with you & making Lothian Running Club a success.

Lothian Running Club