President’s Statement

President’s Statement.

Words are easy to write. It’s harder to write something potent and true that encompasses all our club members. There is no denying that we have been through a testing time recently. I write on behalf of LRC’s new committee and I state categorically that we will strive to bring harmony and unity to our club with the aim of becoming a force to be reckoned with within Scottish athletics.

As we approach another new year our objectives are  – Total Inclusion, Maximum Participation and a Realistic Level of Competition for all our members,  to Promote our club in a positive manner, Retain membership, Recruit new members, Encourage more parents to become involved in the running of the club, Work on a club development plan for the future, Establish links between schools and communities, Support members wishing to progress as coaches, Consolidate good relations, and liaise, with SAL, Uk:Athletics, West Lothian Council and West Lothian Leisure, and to bring transparency and accountability to all our membership. We are after all here to represent all our members. This includes coaching education and athlete development (all ages and level of ability) training sessions, and club management. If you harbour a desire to attain a personal goal then we will endeavour to assist, advise and encourage. That is our remit.

 We are a relatively new committee. We have Kenny Mearns (Treasurer) and Colin Banham (Membership Secretary) continuing in their posts. Saran Jones is our new Coaching Co-Ordinator, Vanessa Anderson as Secretary, Shona Young as Minutes Secretary, David Berrill/Colin Partridge (Joint Men’s Team Captain), Sarah Inglis (Women’s Team Captain), Ted Finch and Kenton Jones (Committee Members). Our aim is to be receptive and work together as a team.

This is an exciting time for athletics. We have the Olympic Games in London next year and the Commonwealth Games in Scotland in 2014. This is a splendid opportunity to focus on our sport, on a healthier life-style, and putting Lothian Running Club to the fore. It was Nelson Mandela who wrote, ‘Alone I can go quickly, together we can go far.’ I believe Lothian Running Club is in it for the long run. So together let’s see how far we can go and how successful we can become.

Finally, thank you if you have competed, assisted, coached or helped at events in 2011. Without people we cannot exist or function as a club. May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Colin Meek

Club President.

Lothian Running Club