Broxburn Reccy – A big “well done” to all that attended

Lots of brave young and older Lothian runners (albeit headbangers!) braced the hard weather at the Broxburn Cross Country course. A big pat on the back to everyone who attended this morning as it wasn’t easy to jump out of bed on a day where snuggling under the duvet would have been much preferred!!

The elements were against us as we battered the sleet and the rain but it didn’t deter us from doing the job in hand which was to know the course and suss out the underfoot.

The course was wet, slippery and has some very some tough undulating hills but it allowed us runners to think about the type of footwear that need to be worn for next week’s race.

Special congratulations goes to Gerry who

a) Brought out his new studded shoes especially for the occasion. I’m sure it wasn’t anything to do with me giving him a row at Dundee xc where he wore racing flats and complained about sliding all over the place!!

b) And For not getting lost (Gerry you are never going to live that one down… never ever!!)

I let Mel in on a secret when she complained that her feet were soaking… I said ‘are you not wearing waterproof socks?’. I’d give any money that she is now online looking for ‘waterproof’ socks for her and all the family!!

Big thanks to Martin and helpers who escorted the younger folk around and make sure everyone came back safe and sound.