Ravenscraig 10th January – Second OGM in a few days

There was another excellent turnout by the Lothian Running Club junior members who were in action yesterday 10th January at the Ravenscraig Indoor Open Graded meeting. The juniors took part in both 60 metres and 100 meters.

It was another excellent performance by all who took part.

RESULTS[All 60 mtr races]                  RESULTS[All 100 mtr races]                            

Andrew Jackson 8.34 sec                       Andrew Jackson 13.20 sec (PB)

Gavin Lafferty 8.69 sec                            Gavin Lafferty 13.38 sec (PB)

Louise Kerr 9.19 sec                                  Louise Kerr  14.89 sec

Liam Jackson 9.15 sec (PB)                    Liam Jackson 14.78 sec (PB)
Emma Mackie 9.52 sec                             Emma Mackie 15.22 sec

Amy Begbie 9.28 sec                                 Amy Begbie 14.90 sec

Nicole Furness 9.32 sec                           Nicole Furness 15.09 sec (PB)

Rebecca Ross 10.14 sec                            Rebecca Ross 16.40 sec

Erin McComisky 9.68 sec (PB)               Erin McComisky 15.73 sec (PB)

The next event will be the National Indoor Meeting at the Emirates Glasgow – 17th January (60mtr & 200mtr).