Summer Evening Trail Race 10th June

75 runners turned out for the inaugral Linlithgow Trail and Fun run organised by Martin.

Fun Run

Name Finish Start Taken Club Age
Louis Macdonald 7.13.03 7.02 11.03 Lothian 13
Aiden McGinty 7.12.11 7.00 12.11 Lothian 10
Robyn MacDonald 7.14.23 7.02 12.23 Lothian 10

Trail race

Pos Finish Start Taken Team Age
1 Joyce Salvona 19.35 6.56 23.35 Lothian 57
2 Edel Mooney 19.40 6.59 20.40 Lothian 40
2 Christine McVarish 19.40 6.59 20.40 Lothian 43

The individual results for the Linlithgow Trail and Fun Runs are here:Summer-Evening-TrailRace-2015 .

The Mob Match Scores

(Calculated by adding the individual positions of the first 20 finishers for each team.)

Lowest total wins.

Lothian:     432

Linlithgow: 566

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