AGM Minutes

The AGM was well attended and lead to some good discussion, suggestions and decisions.

Committee Positions and Ordinary members elected 2014/2015.

Committee Positions

Post Holder

Chairman Ted Finch
Vice Chairman Mike Turnbull
Treasurer Stephen Malcolm
Secretary John Barclay
Coaching Co-ordinator Alan Moffat
Ordinary Member Gordon Kerr
Ordinary Member Colin Partridge
Ordinary Member Kenny Mearns
Ordinary Member Christine MacVarish
 The Club extended their grateful appreciation to Kenny for the 4 years excellent work he has undertaken as Treasurer.

John Malcolm is stepping down from the Committee. The Club acknowledged the work that John Malcolm has undertaken on behalf of the club. Many Thanks. 

The Club welcomed three new committee members Christine MacVarish, Gordon Kerr, and Stephen Malcolm.


The minutes of the AGM are now available here: LRC AGM Minutes 2014